Product Info

White Fox is a cost efficient and effective alternative to smoking/vaping. Made in Sweden, it has been highly popular in the US and Europe
How To Use
  • Open the tin of White Fox
  • Place the oral nicotine pouch under your upper lip between you lip and gum
  • Leave it there for around 15 - 30 minutes to enjoy the nicotine release
  • No chewing or spitting required
  • After use, simply place the used portion in the secret compartment lid on the top of the tin and continue being awesome!
  • Tobacco-free plant based alternative
  • Food grade quality standards
  • Each pouch contains 12-14.5mg of nicotine per pouch (same as a cigarette)
  • 17-20 pouches per tin depending on which type you use
Product may cause a cool stinging sensation at the start. It is not recommended for non-nicotine users. Best way to start using nicotine pouches is to move it around the top lip to get around the burning factor. This effect wears off after a while and you get used to it and in fact crave it after time!